Hilary Schwartz is a veteran standup comedian, writer, and occasional actor. She is also a cat mom, a CMILF.

Hilary Schwartz has been writing and performing standup comedy for nearly two decades (yep!). She has performed in places ranging from Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Staten Island, and countless venues that were a little difficult to find on Google Maps in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

She has written and performed songs with the Manson Family Singers, which had a rapid "Behind the Music"-type rise and fall, teaching that better than burning out is fading away.

In addition, Hilary has written sometimes amusing, sometimes rageful political articles for websites. She has toured with  "Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad," did fundraisers with "The Cat Ladies of Comedy," and co-created, wrote, and acted in the web series Roommate Wives and Mutascio and Schwartz

She is currently doing a regular videocast, Alive in the Time of Cholera, with bff Craig Prawer, and is writing and occasionally performing in video sketches often done on Zoom because who wants to leave our homes now that we don't have to.

She resides in New York City and was born and grew up in Washington, D.C. where she went to D.C. Public Schools (go Tigers and whatever the name of the team was at Deal Junior High. Yes, she's old enough to have gone to "junior high" and she doesn't remember the team names even though she was on the teams.